Every month, we publish a post to give you outfit inspiration and styling tips for the Style by Kenlee Swag we send you! =)

Unfortunately, we have been pretty behind with our blog posts, but Kendi and I are determined to get back on track!

For our March outfit inspo, Kendall used three beautiful gals in the shoot; Samantha, Chrystelle and Christine!  They did amazing, and (hopefully) you will be seeing more of them in our upcoming posts. 😉


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Our Brushed Silver Aztec Choker,

the Tribal Tibetan Cuff Bracelet, and 

… the Silver 3-Coin Vintage Earrings!

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Now that we have covered the March swag, let’s get into some styling tips…

Outfit Inspiration For Your March Box

Let’s start with Samantha’s Outfit Inspo!

Since the jewelry for this month already adds so much to the outfit, the grey blouse, sleek black leggings and black sweater helped the pieces stand out!

Neutral colors like black and grey really help to accent your statement pieces, and makes it so your outfit isn’t too overpowering for the eyes!  I mean, really, can you go wrong with black and grey? 😉



My favorite part is that Samantha’s outfit fits a variety of occasions!  Semi-formal, formal, casual, a night out with the ladies, and etc. etc. =)

Now let’s move on to Christine’s Outfit Inspiration!

Like I was saying above, neutral colors really get you noticing the jewelry you are rocking!

Besides how insanely comfy and classy those pants look (can you tell I’m a mom?), one of my favorite parts of this outfit is Christine’s blouse!  The plunging neckline really attracts attention to the Aztec piece, and has the same effect as the previous outfit; the ability to wear this to pretty much any event, without looking under or overdressed! =)


Last but not least, Chrystelle’s Outfit Inspo!

Who else loves this shade of blue with the jewelry??

This super cute outfit can rock both the formal and semi-formal events, with the light colors that grab people’s eyes in an instant!

Her dark hair really contrasts (in a good way) with her clothes as well, which adds even more style to the ensemble.

(Okay, I know this isn’t about their outfit, but who else loves these ladies’ brows!?)

I really love these pastel shades Chrystelle has going on, here!  I mostly wear dark colors, but this outfit makes me want to branch out (maybe she can give me some pointers)! 😉


What do you think?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below; especially if you have any awesome styling tips for us! =)

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Thanks so much for reading our Outfit Inspiration for Your March Box!


And a very special thank you to Chrystelle, Samatha, and Christine for modeling our jewelry, and Kendall (my sister and business partner) for rocking the photography!  You ladies are the best!


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Thanks again for reading! We love you guys! <3


Kylie & Kendall
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