In need of some Outfit Inspiration this month?

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Alright, now that you know what jewelry we are styling today,¬†let’s get to it!


Styling Tips for your February Box


One of our aims with the jewelry and accessories we send is to make sure you beautiful ladies are getting pieces you can pair with an outfit for any and every occasion, so here’s a few outfits that will hopefully give you a few ideas on what you can wear with these!


The first outfit I threw together was a very casual look, with a black cardigan, ripped blue jeans, and a green tank!

outfit inspiration

One thing I would have changed is the tank.  As much as I loved how it looked altogether, the necklace would have been more noticeable with a solid-colored top!

outfit inspiration

The great thing about cardigans is that you can still wear your favorite tanks in the winter by throwing on these good ol’ staples!

I have to say, though, I got really sick the day after the photoshoot, so this would definitely be a more appropriate look in the spring! ūüėČ

outfit inspiration

I have to say, after having two kids, I definitely got used to wearing leggings (Lulu, we love you).  Once I fit back into my jeans, however, I forgot how much I missed the pockets!

Another advantage is that I didn’t feel like bending over was a dangerous decision, but I digress!


With this look, we wanted our jewelry to be the center of attention.

I wore a semi-formal black shirt with mid-length sleeves, black dress pants (not leggings), and some tall burgundy boots!

The accessories brought the fancy out of the outfit, and still casual enough to wear to most events (but also not like you dressed while you were asleep)!

One thing I loved about this outfit was how the golden-tinted zippers matched with the necklace.  They really complemented each other!  Plus, I seem to have more black and grey items in my closet than anything else.  So if you are like me, then this is probably something similar to what you would wear with our box!

Kendall and I had fun with this particular¬†outfit inspiration, because we were able to add color (that large drum I’m chilling on, for instance) without it interrupting what we actually want you to focus on.¬† As a result, it gave us more room to play with the background.¬†ūüôā

Next, we added a bolder print to the mix!

Since our map pendant is golden, we thought this leopard-print top would be a great addition to this particular outfit inspo!

Our boho feather earrings and brown leather wrap were perfect accessories for¬†this ensemble as well, making sure the leopard print shirt didn’t give off that tacky feel (phew)!

And obviously, we have to do a little goofing off, am I right!?

Before I conclude, I want to give a shout out to our babelicious mom for letting Kendall and I use the farm for the photoshoot!  You rock, Mom!
Another thanks goes to Justin, my brother, and Kendall’s husband. ¬†He took care of the kids, and is a constant encouragement and reason we were able to start our business! ¬†Thanks, Justin!
And last but NEVER least, Kendall, my business partner and sister, who was the photographer for this photo-shoot.  You are the best partner in the world, and I am so glad we are on this entrepreneurial journey together!


So, what did you think of our outfit inspos? ūüôā


If it gave you some good ideas, or you have more style tips of your own, comment below!  We would absolutely love to hear from you!


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Thanks again for checking out our post, and stay tuned for more exciting stuff! ūüėČ


Kylie & Kendall
aka Style by Kenlee