First, we want to tell you about our business!!

Here are a few things we want YOU to experience if you order your very own Style by Kenlee monthly accessory subscription...

I. Excitement

We want every month to be something you look forward to. Something that makes you giddy when you go to the post office or look in your mailbox, and we want to be the reason for your excitement!!

II. Convenience

Some of us (especially moms like Kendall and I) don't have time to go shopping for ourselves, unless it's for emergency milk runs; this is where we want to help you out! Every month, we automatically ship trendy accessories to you, without you having to plan a week ahead to go shopping!

III. A Breath of Air for your Budget

One of our main goals is to make your life easier, and that means financially, as well. We priced our boxes with you in mind; affordability is key!

So Why Fashion?

From accessories, to clothes, to shoes, Kendall and I (Kylie) loved discovering trendy styles, from new, vintage, bohemian, and classic. With a background in marketing and our love for fashion, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to start a business together!
So Here We Are!
We have some pretty awesome goals for the future, and will hopefully be heading in that direction soon! =)
Thank you so much for taking the time to hear who we are, and what we are all about!
We are looking forward to (hopefully) being your go-to accessory fix!

Meet the Duo!

Kendall and I are long-lost sisters (aka sister-in-laws), and we clicked immediately!

(I would also like to claim to be the reason Kendall and my brother got married; but that's just me)

Either way, since we decided to start our business together, our passion for it has only made us closer (bffs for life), and we would love to get to know you as well, so comment on our posts, message us on our FB Page, or give us some love on Instagram, and we will gladly respond!

Without further ado, here's a couple things about us...


Style by Kenlee

aka Kendall & Kylie


Kendall and family


Business Owner of Style by Kenlee

(aka Kylie's Partner in Crime)

Kendall moved from the Philippines to Canada several years ago, and married Kylie's brother (and as you can see above, had two incredible kids as a result)!

(PS I plan on getting more out of her soon, so stay tuned)

Kylie and Alex


Business Owner of Style by Kenlee

(aka Kendall's Partner in Crime)

Kylie has been living in Alberta, Canada her entire life, and lives in a small town with two (pretty awesome) kids of her own!

She also enjoys harassing Kendall, which was reciprocated soon after it began.  Guess it was only a matter of time.

(PS I will be updating my picture with my daughter AND son as soon as we have one that doesn't involve one of them pulling on my hair)

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