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Are you a LITTLE tired of finding matching accessories in ten different stores?

Leave it to us, and you'll get three trendy, individual accessories sent straight to you, for only $19.99/month!

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Style by Kenlee

(aka Kendall & Kylie)


Here are a few things we want YOU to experience when you order your very own Style by Kenlee monthly jewely subscription...


I.   Excitement  

We want every month to be something you look forward to.  Something that makes you giddy when you go to the post office or look in your mailbox, and we want to be the reason for your excitement!!

II.  Convenience  

Some of us (especially moms like Kendall and I) don't have time to go shopping for ourselves, unless it's for emergency milk runs; this is where we want to help you out!  Every month, we automatically ship trendy accessories to you, without you having to plan a week ahead to go shopping!

III.  A Breath of Air for your Budget

One of our main goals is to make your life easier, and that means financially, as well.  We priced our boxes with you in mind; affordability is key!

We have some pretty awesome goals for the future

...and are excited to jump into it with you! =)

We are looking forward to (hopefully) being your go-to accessory fix!


Kendall & Kylie


What are you waiting for!?  Ready to have trendy accessories sent to your door? 😉